A member of the order of Saint Benedict, at Saint Vincent's Archabbey Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he died a heroes death while doing the work of his Lord.
The National Organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, www.scv.org , awarded the Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne Camp 1361, Sons of Confederate Veterans a medal of honor in tribute to Father Bliemel on March 12, 1983 . For many years it was proudly displayed at Jonesboro, Georgia's city hall.
This same medal is now on display in our Chamber.

Fourth Degree: Patriotism

The lesson of the Fourth Degree, the highest level of membership in the Knights, is that Knights act for the good of their country. They are dedicated to promoting patriotism, i.e. love of God and country, illuminated by Catholic faith. Assemblies have their own officers, meetings and socials. Some activities of Assembly 1962, the Fr. Bliemel Assembly consisting of Fourth Degree Knights from, St. Phillip Benizi's, St Matthew's and St. James the Apostle's are: 

Placing flags on veteran's graves, participating in, and providing an Honor Guard for, Veterans' Day programs, arranging for the respectful disposition of soiled American flags, supplying & sending packages to our troops overseas, and providing an Honor Guard for Bishop and for special moments, e.g. Memorial Mass.

The emblem consists of the Dove representing the Holy Spirit and Peace; the Orb representing the Earth; the Crusaders' Cross, also known as the Isabella Cross, representing the cross found on the tunics and capes of the crusading knights who battled to regain the Holy Land from the pagans.
The colors of the symbols are the blue globe with the lands of the western hemisphere in white; a red cross with gold border; gold knobs at the ends of the arms forming the cross; a white dove. Red, white and blue are the colors of the flag of our Country and serve to remind us of the principle of the Fourth Degree - Patriotism.
Spiritually, the globe could represent God the Father; the cross, God the Son; and the Dove, God the Holy Spirit.

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